30 June 2010

Sink the pink, it's all the fashion

Take me out of next week's Mookie, I'll reward you your buy-in back. Gonna try to get on air for the first time. We'll see, don't expect much.

Feel free to publish my professional banner.

Any other side bets considered.

The Mookie
Wednesday 7pm my time, 10 Eastern, don't know when the hell that is in Calgary
$10 + 1 Buy in
Deepstack NLHE
Password: Vegas1


Schaubs said...

LOL 8pm Calgarian time.

GL, I don't think I want that action... so good luck!

lightning36 said...

I'll be there. You may ship it in advance if you'd like ...

Heffmike said...

hey, don't hit and run me HU again... :-(

Josie said...

Ooo My first time here!

Thanks for the ship Pinky Stinky! I was wondering why a guy I never talked to was sending me money....that how I usually get drinks, not money. heh.

Um, I want in some of that HU action!