12 September 2010

Sundays w/ Pauly

Gonna give this a try this year and, frankly, my team this week is unbeatable.

If you don't mind coming in 2nd, go over to fantasysportslive

30 June 2010

Sink the pink, it's all the fashion

Take me out of next week's Mookie, I'll reward you your buy-in back. Gonna try to get on air for the first time. We'll see, don't expect much.

Feel free to publish my professional banner.

Any other side bets considered.

The Mookie
Wednesday 7pm my time, 10 Eastern, don't know when the hell that is in Calgary
$10 + 1 Buy in
Deepstack NLHE
Password: Vegas1

25 June 2010

This doesnt happen to me

I am a low limit player. I've never had half of this at a table before. Usually the Mookie is a hit to my roll.

15 June 2010

two on the ropes

(edit: Both at my table and couldn't bust either of them. Even worse, I ended up bubbling when my AKs < KQo) Bastards

09 June 2010

McLove the kids

Come on, sign up. I'll live blog both my hands......unless I suck out on one......then all 4.

30 April 2010

SCOOP tickets

This is strange. I only did a couple parts of the 5 part competition, but they not only awarded me the $22 scoop ticket for completing the challenge, they also gave me a $109 ticket for doing "such a good job."

Strange, but I'll take em, I love free money.

So, now I have these 2 tickets in addition to the $33 ticket I won in the 8-game freeroll. SCOOP, here I come.

I really wanted to play the 8-game, but it starts at 11am my time on a Thursday. So unless I want to take a vacation day.......

Here are the emails........

Fri, Apr 30, 2010 at 4:06 AM

Hi PinkyStin771,Thank-you for taking part in our SCOOP blogger tournament.You have succesfully completed all parts of the competition and there is a $22 SCOOP ticket in your account.We wish you the very best of luck in the SCOOP tournament and hope you will keep blogging!All questions and queries regarding this invite only competition should be sent to Blogging!Kind RegardsFintan CTwitter.com/pokerstars

Hi PinkyStin771,Thank-you for taking part in our SCOOP blogger tournament.You have done such a good job we have awarded you one of the $109 SCOOP tickets, the ticket is now in your account.